Tom Berkmann will release his debut album ‘Journey’ as band leader later this year with the renowned Modern Jazz label Whirlwind Recordings

With the collective group ‘Scopes’, Tom Berkmann has released two albums, ‘Scopes’ and ‘Age of Reason’.

The debut album ‘Scopes’ is “infused with a refreshing collectivity” according to Downbeat magazine and is listed among their top rated Albums of 2019.

In their highly-anticipated second album ”Age of Reason”, the international modern jazz group SCOPES pens a provokingly per­sonal and philo­sophical reflection on the pressing matters of a time when the whole world seemed to be turned upside down.

For SCOPES this ‘Age’ draws upon an intimate array of emotions and implores the listener to challenge their own associations and open their imagination.

Since their critically-acclaimed eponymous debut (SCOPES, Whirlwind Recordings 2018) the quartet’s distinctive envelope-pushing sound has continued to evolve and converge into an entity that pursues exciting and uncharted musical realms.

An alluring album… with wonderful compositions matched by excellent performances from all of the band members.”
★★★★ UK Vibe

“Berkmann and Ruppnig’s idea for Scopes as an experimental unit that could play beautifully crafted, melodic jazz was well illustrated by their debut. Here, the bar is raised even further.”
Jazz Views

“Infused with a refreshing collectivity.”
★★★★ DownBeat Magazine

“Judging by this excellent first album, the band could well have the makings of the epithet “international super group.”
★★★★ All About Jazz

“An excellent debut offering from Scopes. The music combines accessibility with adventurousness, the strong focus on melody enhanced by rhythmic inventiveness and imaginative soloing.”
★★★★ The Jazz Mann